AACCOM Pre-registration for Summer 2020 Classes and 2020-2021 School Year

安娜堡中文學校 2020 暑期班和 2020-2021 學年預註冊注意事項

Dear Parents,

We at the AACCOM (Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan) wish your family safe and healthy during the summer.  This email is a reminder that you can pre-register for the Chinese School classes for the 2020-2021 School Year until July 20th.  Also, we will have a summer session available this August on selected grade levels that you can register to attend.

希望每一個安娜堡中文學校家庭一切都平安. 我們想用這個機會提醒大家, 我們已經開始接受下個學年的預註冊, 截止日期是 07/20/2020.  除此之外, 八月暑期課程的註冊也已開始,目前暑期課程只對特定年級開放.

You can pay for the tuition online or by check. Please make the payment by August 1st so that we can get the student count for the textbook ordering purpose. The tuition payment options are below:

我們目前接受支票或網上付費, 請於八月一日前付款以統計教材預定數量,  詳情如下:

1. PayPal:

Click the link “PayPal.Me/aaccom1974”

  • Enter the amount and note your “Family ID & Student Name”

  • DO NOT check the box “Paying for goods or a service?”. The payment type should be “sending to friends or family”.

  • You will receive an email receipt.

*No fee to send money in the U.S. using your linked bank account or PayPal balance.       

2. Venmo: 

  • Search username “@AACCOM-ANNARBOR”

  • Enter the amount, note your “Family ID & Student Name” and receive email confirmation.

 *No fee to send money using your bank account, debit card, or Venmo balance.


3. Send a check (by 8/1/20) payable to “AACCOM” and mail to the address below. Please note your “Family ID & Student Name” on the check.

 支票付費請用抬頭 AACCOM, 註明 “家庭編號及學生姓名”, 並請於 8/1 前郵寄至下列地址:

    Attn: Treasurer


    PO BOX 130733

    Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0733

Below are several new policies regarding volunteering tasks in the next (2020-2021) school year.  Please note that the policy regarding the volunteer tasks only apply if we return to King School this fall for Chinese School classes and activities.  If for any reason that the Chinese School classes and activities will be conducted virtually, there will be no volunteer activities needed and the deposits will be refunded.   



  1. School Security Team will become a mandatory volunteer task for all families. This volunteer duty is in addition to the three volunteer events that you will have to choose. For the Security duty, your family can either choose to undertake the one-time 3-hour security duty or choose to waive it by paying $10 during the registration. On the other hand, those families, who are willing and able to take on additional security duties, can earn $10 credit for each 3-hour security duty.

除了每個家庭必須選的三項選擇性志願工作之外, 校安工作將成為每個家庭必須参與的義工責任. 註冊時請選擇3個小時的安全巡邏或是多付$10來waive這項義務.  願意擔任更多安全巡邏的家長可以獲得每次$10 的credit.

  1. During the Registration, the task responsibilities for the volunteer event selections will be specified to help parents/guardians to understand what each volunteer duty entails.  This would also help the event leaders to know who their team members are.

註冊時義工選擇的工作內容介紹會比以往詳細, 讓您明瞭所選的工作. 這也會有助於各項目的leader 知道哪些家長會給他/她們協助

  1. Summer class and/or Basketball club only participants are exempted from the mandatory and volunteer duty. 


  1. Because of the COVID-19 school closure, we did not have the opportunity to return the 2019-2020 School year volunteer deposits.  Details of deposit refund will be announced later when the Chinese School resumes in the fall..

由於疫情影響 2019-2020義工退款無法於學期末發放, 將改今年秋季班開始時再發還, 詳情待續.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the AACCOM Board (board@aaccom.org) or staff (staff@aaccom.org).  With COVID-19 continuing to ravage the country, our school (communities?) will face many challenges and uncertainties.  We wish you can continue to support our school and our team. Let’s work together to persevere for our children’s learning.

如果您有任何的問題與建議, 請向董事會成員 或學校工作人員反應.  由於疫情的影響, 我們預期下個學期仍會有許多的未知與挑戰, 也期望大家一同共體時艱, 幫助學校老師同仁一起提供最合適小朋友的學習中文的環境