AACCOM 2020-2021 School Year Plan and Registration Update

Dear Parents,

With the summer break ending, we are all preparing for our children to go back to school.  As the COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, the AACCOM special task team and the teachers are working hard will to continue supporting our children’s Chinese language and cultural learning.  
隨著暑假的結束,我們都為孩子們上學做準備。由於COVID-19繼續影響我們的生活,AACCOM特別任務小組和老師們都努力準備著 我們會和各位家長ㄧ起繼續支持我們孩子的中文和文化學習。

Based on the current Ann Arbor Public Schools Fall learning plan, the AACCOM team has made the following changes to our 2020-2021 Chinese School Year:

1. The AACCOM will hold web-based distance learning Chinese language classes for this coming

Fall, 2020 Semester and the following Winter, 2021 Semester.  This is due to the AAPS will begin
all students with virtual learning this fall and the AAPS buildings are not open to the public.

2. There will be no Volunteer Duty nor Deposit for the 2020-2021 AACCOM school Year. If you have paid the deposit during earlier Pre-registration, AACCOM will refund the deposit.
3. The AACCOM Fall Term will start on September 25th, the third Friday after the AAPS starts. This is later than the previous years, because it will allow the academic team and the teachers more time to prepare and provide the best support to our children’s learning. If you have registered, you can cancel your registration with full refund before September 18th.
4. If desired, you can register anytime during the school year with no registration fee ($15) imposed.  We understand the uncertainty all parents face this fall semester, and believe the AACCOM team should make all possible efforts to encourage all parents and children to continue Chinese language classes.  Please note that the textbooks may be delayed a bit due to late ordering. Children can attend one class before deciding whether to register.
5. The AACCOM still offers extracurricular classes that are remote learning friendly, such as Er-Hu Music Class and Calligraphy; pending whether enough people register for the class.  We believe these would provide parents and children to a variety of experiences that complement the virtual academic and language learning at their schools and the AACCOM.
AACCOM仍然提供遠程學習友好的課外課程,例如二胡音樂課, 書法課, 和其他。 如果註冊人數足夠就開課。 這些將為父母和孩子提供各種體驗,以補充其學校和AACCOM的虛擬學術和語言學習。
The AACCOM team sincerely believes the AACCOM is not only a language and culture school, but also a family-oriented community that bonds all of us together.  Let’s support each other through this challenging time and make the 2020-2021 school year a productive and fantastic one!