AACCOM Pre-registration for  2020-2021 School Year
安娜堡中文學校2022-2023 學年預註冊注意事項

Dear Parents and Students:  



Hope all AACCOM (Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan) families are having a safe and healthy summer.  With the start of AAPS 2022-2023 school year Fall semester approaching, this announcement is to inform you the following:  

 希望您們暑假期間一切平安健康!  安娜堡公立學校 2022-2023 學年即將開始,在此中文學校想通知您以下事項:

1.    The AACCOM classes will begin by Friday September 16, 2022. We encourage parents to register for the AACCOM 2022-2023 School Year to continue your children’s learning. We believe persistent exposure to structured Mandarin language learning is the best way for students to stay engaged. We had also extended the Fee-free Pre-registration deadline to Friday, September 2nd. Registration fee is $15 after September 2nd.

安娜堡中文學校將於 9/16 開始上課,2022-2023 學年的預註冊截止日期為星期五 (九月二日)。九月二日後的註冊費為 $15。

2.     All classes will mainly be conducted in-person this year. Any on-line classes will be noted on the registration form. All in-person classes will be held at Turner Center.  Turner Center’s address is 2401 Plymouth Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48105.  If you have questions or suggestions,  please do let us know by email (academic@aaccom.org and board@aaccom.org) or during the online registration process.  

今年所有課程以面授為主,若有網授課程將於註冊單上另行註明; 目前校方決定仍於與去年相同場地 Turner Center 上課。Turner Center 的地址為 2401 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. 如有問題或是建議,請以電子郵件或於註冊過程告知。我們的電子郵件信箱為academic@aaccom.org and board@aaccom.org

3.    To register, please go to: “https://aaccom.org/wp/registration/  請點選前方連結進行註冊。


4.     For adult students who would like to learn Mandarin, please check out the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning in Ann Arbor (TCML-Ann Arbor) website (https://www.tcml-annarbor.org/). TCML-Ann Arbor is affiliated to and operated by AACCOM. The Fall term adult Mandarin learning program will start in early September, and end in early December. To register for TCML adult mandarin learning program, please go to the TCML-Ann Arbor website and click “Register Now” to proceed. 




The AACCOM Board and the Administrative Team

安娜堡中文學校董事會與行政團隊 敬上