AACCOM Weekly News 5/15/2019 安娜堡中文學校每週新聞

Topic Summary本週主題

1. Ann Arbor Art Fair Volunteers Needed 安娜堡藝術節 (Ann Arbor Art Fair) 推廣臺灣 徵求義工

2Pre-Registration for School Year 2019-2020 學年預註冊

3. 布袋戲表演 Puppet Show | Wu Song Fights a Tiger 武松打虎 

4. 彩繪布袋戲偶工作仿  Puppet Coloring Workshop

A. Ann Arbor Art Fair Volunteers Needed安娜堡藝術節 (Ann Arbor Art Fair) 推廣臺灣 徵求義工

MiTai (Michigan Taiwanese American Organization)and Ann Arbor Chinese School are going to set up a booth at the 2019 Ann Arbor Art Fair (Thursday, July 18 – Sunday, July 21, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.).  As a non-profit organization, we are seeking people with a passion in Taiwanese/Asian/Oriental culture to volunteer for us! Join us to share the beauty of Taiwan! Everyone is welcome.
If you are interested, please go to the following link to sign up.

Location:   Ann Arbor Art Fair (721 E Huron St #200,  MI 48104 )

安娜堡中文學校與密西根人文協會 (AACCOM & MITAI) 將首次在今年七月中下旬的安娜堡藝術節 (Ann Arbor Art Fair)為推廣臺灣而合作共組一個攤位。  在這四天的期間裡,7/18 (星期四)7/21 (星期日),將需要有義工的協助。 有興趣者請至下列連結報名,謝謝!


B. Pre-Registration for School Year 2019-2020 學年預註冊

$15 Registration fee/family (waived if pay the tuition by 5/31/2019)

§  Pre-A / Pre-B Class / CFL Conversation for Preschool   $190

§  K-12 / CFL Conversation I / CFL Conversation II   $310

§  Extra-curricular classes: tuition depends on the class 

   $30 Volunteer Deposit / family

·  $10 deposit per AACCOM event/role upon registration, for a total of 3 events/roles for volunteering opportunities

·  Full refund after volunteering is fulfilled


On-site Pre-Registration Schedule: 

§  Date:  5/17, 5/24 and 5/31 (Please note that 5/31 is our graduation ceremony, so plan to register early)

§  Time:  Friday 7:30 – 9:10 pm

§  Place: King multipurpose room (3800 Waldenwood Ann Arbor MI 48105)

§  Register online at https://www.aaccom.org/drupal/en/node/8 

§  Print the registration form after you registered on-line. If you have any tech questions, please contact  sysadmin@aaccom.org

§  Submit your registration form and checks (payable to AACCOM) to complete the registration.


2019-2020 學年預註冊 

學費:$15 註冊費/家庭 (若於 5/31/2019 前繳交學費可免註冊費)

§  學前A/B/學前會話班 $190

§  基礎班~高中班會話班I /會話班II  $310

§  課外活動班因班而異  

$30 志工保證金/

·  每個家庭註冊時需繳交三十元的保證金,於學年中擔任志工參與安娜堡中文學校的活動與事務

·  保證金將於參與三項活動與事務後,全額退還



§  日期5/17, 5/24 and 5/31 

§  時間星期五 7:30 – 9:10 pm

§  地點: King multipurpose room (3800 Waldenwood Ann Arbor MI 48105)

§  請先上 https://www.aaccom.org/drupal/en/node/8 

§  列印出註冊單,若有任何上網註冊問題,請與 sysadmin@aaccom.org 聯絡

§  請繳交您的註冊單支票(付款給AACCOM“),以完成註冊手續

C.布袋戲表演 Puppet Show | Wu Song Fights a Tiger 武松打虎 

Event Website:活動網頁https://aadl.org/node/392009


When時間:    Sunday, July 21, 2019: 2:00pm to 3:30pm 

Where地點:    Ann Arbor District Library – Downtown Library:    1st Floor Lobby 

For Whom活動對象:   All Ages 各年齡層


D.彩繪布袋戲偶工作仿  Puppet Coloring Workshop

Event Website:活動網https://aadl.org/node/393520


Where 時間:   Ann Arbor District Library – Downtown Library:  Multi-Purpose Room, Downtown 
                             Library:  Secret Lab              

When 地點:   Monday, July 15, 2019:   1:00pm to 2:00pm  

For Whom 活動隊向:    Grade 4-Adult 四年級以上


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