ACCOM Weekly News 12/23/2020

1.安娜堡中文學校學生團隊為2021元旦升旗 典禮 製作的元旦升旗典禮影片
2. 「學華語到臺灣」多國語言網站

1. 附上安娜堡中文學校學生團隊為2021元旦升旗 典禮 製作的元旦升旗典禮影片,  
    A wonderful and heartfelt video put together by our students and Teacher Mou-Chi    Cheng!   It melts your heart in particular during this pandemic.   The video will be  showcased on January 1st during the flag raising ceremony.
 AACCOM 2021 new year.mp4
2. 教育部為向海外華語文學習者介紹國內華語文教學機構與課程,特別設置「學華語到臺灣 (」多國語言網站,彙整相關資訊以供參考,主要包含以下內容:
(一)找學校:可查詢國內各大專院校設置華語文中心之基本資訊,包含學校特色、入學條件、申請方式‧‧‧‧‧‧‧等。 (二)找課程:可查詢各校開設華語文課程資訊,包含課程簡介、課程期間、課程級別、學費‧‧‧‧‧‧‧等。 有意願來臺學習華語文之學生可上此網站查詢,瞭解我國多元優質之華語文課程。

ACCOM Weekly News 12/6/2020



1. 密西根僑學界慶祝中華民國110年元旦活動及
2. 一個住在Rochester Hills, MI的台灣家庭急需你的幫忙
1. 密西根僑學界慶祝中華民國110年元旦活動
  密西根僑學界將於2021年1月1日 上午10 點 舉行 Zoom視訊升旗典禮,歡迎各位報名參加 。 有意參加的安娜堡中文學校的成員,請於12月20日前, 寄email 給 , Zoom link 會在報名名單收集後, 發給報名的家庭
2.  一個住在Rochester Hills, MI的台灣加家庭急需你的幫忙
There is a young family who needs help.  A young mother (姚馨茜 Irene) passed away at age of 35 last week. She was survived by her husband (Daniel Lan) and three young children (ages of 6 years old, 4 years old and 16 months) in Rochester Hills, MI.
1.  姚馨茜 的先生 藍先生 因為要工作並獨立照顧孩子,忙不過來,急需聘僱保姆,請大家幫忙提供資料尋找,藍先生的聯絡方式如下:

電話: 331-330-0415

2. Fundraising for Education Fund

Their friends set up a to support Irene’s three young children for their education. Donation can be done through go fund me.

Go fund me:
Donation also can be done through venom and PayPal.   

Venmo to Daniel: DanielLan2020

Paypal to Daniel:

AACCOM 2020-2021 School Year Plan and Registration Update

AACCOM 2020-2021 School Year Plan and Registration Update

Dear Parents,

With the summer break ending, we are all preparing for our children to go back to school.  As the COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, the AACCOM special task team and the teachers are working hard will to continue supporting our children’s Chinese language and cultural learning.  
隨著暑假的結束,我們都為孩子們上學做準備。由於COVID-19繼續影響我們的生活,AACCOM特別任務小組和老師們都努力準備著 我們會和各位家長ㄧ起繼續支持我們孩子的中文和文化學習。

Based on the current Ann Arbor Public Schools Fall learning plan, the AACCOM team has made the following changes to our 2020-2021 Chinese School Year:

1. The AACCOM will hold web-based distance learning Chinese language classes for this coming

Fall, 2020 Semester and the following Winter, 2021 Semester.  This is due to the AAPS will begin
all students with virtual learning this fall and the AAPS buildings are not open to the public.

2. There will be no Volunteer Duty nor Deposit for the 2020-2021 AACCOM school Year. If you have paid the deposit during earlier Pre-registration, AACCOM will refund the deposit.
3. The AACCOM Fall Term will start on September 25th, the third Friday after the AAPS starts. This is later than the previous years, because it will allow the academic team and the teachers more time to prepare and provide the best support to our children’s learning. If you have registered, you can cancel your registration with full refund before September 18th.
4. If desired, you can register anytime during the school year with no registration fee ($15) imposed.  We understand the uncertainty all parents face this fall semester, and believe the AACCOM team should make all possible efforts to encourage all parents and children to continue Chinese language classes.  Please note that the textbooks may be delayed a bit due to late ordering. Children can attend one class before deciding whether to register.
5. The AACCOM still offers extracurricular classes that are remote learning friendly, such as Er-Hu Music Class and Calligraphy; pending whether enough people register for the class.  We believe these would provide parents and children to a variety of experiences that complement the virtual academic and language learning at their schools and the AACCOM.
AACCOM仍然提供遠程學習友好的課外課程,例如二胡音樂課, 書法課, 和其他。 如果註冊人數足夠就開課。 這些將為父母和孩子提供各種體驗,以補充其學校和AACCOM的虛擬學術和語言學習。
The AACCOM team sincerely believes the AACCOM is not only a language and culture school, but also a family-oriented community that bonds all of us together.  Let’s support each other through this challenging time and make the 2020-2021 school year a productive and fantastic one!



AACCOM Pre-registration for Summer 2020 Classes and 2020-2021 School Year

AACCOM Pre-registration for Summer 2020 Classes and 2020-2021 School Year

安娜堡中文學校 2020 暑期班和 2020-2021 學年預註冊注意事項

Dear Parents,

We at the AACCOM (Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan) wish your family safe and healthy during the summer.  This email is a reminder that you can pre-register for the Chinese School classes for the 2020-2021 School Year until July 20th.  Also, we will have a summer session available this August on selected grade levels that you can register to attend.

希望每一個安娜堡中文學校家庭一切都平安. 我們想用這個機會提醒大家, 我們已經開始接受下個學年的預註冊, 截止日期是 07/20/2020.  除此之外, 八月暑期課程的註冊也已開始,目前暑期課程只對特定年級開放.

You can pay for the tuition online or by check. Please make the payment by August 1st so that we can get the student count for the textbook ordering purpose. The tuition payment options are below:

我們目前接受支票或網上付費, 請於八月一日前付款以統計教材預定數量,  詳情如下:

1. PayPal:

Click the link “PayPal.Me/aaccom1974”

  • Enter the amount and note your “Family ID & Student Name”

  • DO NOT check the box “Paying for goods or a service?”. The payment type should be “sending to friends or family”.

  • You will receive an email receipt.

*No fee to send money in the U.S. using your linked bank account or PayPal balance.       

2. Venmo: 

  • Search username “@AACCOM-ANNARBOR”

  • Enter the amount, note your “Family ID & Student Name” and receive email confirmation.

 *No fee to send money using your bank account, debit card, or Venmo balance.


3. Send a check (by 8/1/20) payable to “AACCOM” and mail to the address below. Please note your “Family ID & Student Name” on the check.

 支票付費請用抬頭 AACCOM, 註明 “家庭編號及學生姓名”, 並請於 8/1 前郵寄至下列地址:

    Attn: Treasurer


    PO BOX 130733

    Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0733

Below are several new policies regarding volunteering tasks in the next (2020-2021) school year.  Please note that the policy regarding the volunteer tasks only apply if we return to King School this fall for Chinese School classes and activities.  If for any reason that the Chinese School classes and activities will be conducted virtually, there will be no volunteer activities needed and the deposits will be refunded.   



  1. School Security Team will become a mandatory volunteer task for all families. This volunteer duty is in addition to the three volunteer events that you will have to choose. For the Security duty, your family can either choose to undertake the one-time 3-hour security duty or choose to waive it by paying $10 during the registration. On the other hand, those families, who are willing and able to take on additional security duties, can earn $10 credit for each 3-hour security duty.

除了每個家庭必須選的三項選擇性志願工作之外, 校安工作將成為每個家庭必須参與的義工責任. 註冊時請選擇3個小時的安全巡邏或是多付$10來waive這項義務.  願意擔任更多安全巡邏的家長可以獲得每次$10 的credit.

  1. During the Registration, the task responsibilities for the volunteer event selections will be specified to help parents/guardians to understand what each volunteer duty entails.  This would also help the event leaders to know who their team members are.

註冊時義工選擇的工作內容介紹會比以往詳細, 讓您明瞭所選的工作. 這也會有助於各項目的leader 知道哪些家長會給他/她們協助

  1. Summer class and/or Basketball club only participants are exempted from the mandatory and volunteer duty. 


  1. Because of the COVID-19 school closure, we did not have the opportunity to return the 2019-2020 School year volunteer deposits.  Details of deposit refund will be announced later when the Chinese School resumes in the fall..

由於疫情影響 2019-2020義工退款無法於學期末發放, 將改今年秋季班開始時再發還, 詳情待續.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the AACCOM Board ( or staff (  With COVID-19 continuing to ravage the country, our school (communities?) will face many challenges and uncertainties.  We wish you can continue to support our school and our team. Let’s work together to persevere for our children’s learning.

如果您有任何的問題與建議, 請向董事會成員 或學校工作人員反應.  由於疫情的影響, 我們預期下個學期仍會有許多的未知與挑戰, 也期望大家一同共體時艱, 幫助學校老師同仁一起提供最合適小朋友的學習中文的環境

Special Message about Start of Distance Learning for Ann Arbor Chinese School

安娜堡 中文學校準備開始遠距學習公告Special Message about Start of Distance Learning for Ann Arbor Chinese School (AACCOM)

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students of AACCOM:

We wish everyone to stay healthy and safe.


Due to the continuation of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Michigan, and the determination by the state government to “Stay at Home” and close all public schools through the end of school year, we will not be able to use the King Elementary School facilities anymore for classes or extracurricular activities when our Chinese School is scheduled to restart at April 24th.



However, the end of facility usage doesn’t need to mean the end of learning.  Over the past few weeks, Principal Gau, the teachers, parent representatives and the academic team had hurdled together to come up with a plan to continue the Chinese learning for students staying at home.  The following are our distance learning plans ahead.



1.     The distance learning would start, in principle, on Friday, April 24th, but not limited to that date. 


2.     Teachers of each class will start contacting the students and parents/guardians very soon to specify the format of the distance learning, including but not limited to the virtual meeting date and time, class materials, and interactive activities


3.     Each teacher will prepare the classes as he or she feels is appropriate for the age group but in general will follow an interactive Virtual meeting.  Each class can have their own ways to make learning fruitful and fun.  We encourage all families to work with the teachers and welcome your innovative ideas to improve this effort.  



The common goal is to continue students’ learning and to maintain a sense of family-oriented community that our school has always been striding ourselves to be.  Hopefully Ann Arbor Chinese School will be part of the solution to help all parents and students through this tough “stay-at-home” period.  If you have any questions, please contact us at




AACCOM Board of Directors



AACCOM Class Cancellation notification

3/13/2020 AACCOM Class Cancellation notification 安娜堡中文學校3/13 (五)停課通知


All School Members,

Due to AAPS after school events are cancelled, AACCOM’s 3/13(Fri) class will be cancelled too. 3/13 speech/recitation contest will also be rescheduled(or cancelled). We are still waiting for more information about the 2020 AACCOM speech/recitation contest and will provide you with updates as soon as we have more information. 

AACCOM Weekly News 3/3/2020

AACCOM Weekly News 3/3/2020 安娜堡中文學校每週新聞


2020中文學校校內演講及朗讀比賽,將於3/13舉行。看圖說故事比賽,於3/20 日舉行。兩項比賽報名截止日均爲3/6日。有意參賽同學,請向就讀班級老師報名。所有的參賽辦法以及評分標準,大致與往年相同。請參照如下附件。謝謝大家的合作。比賽場地如下: 演講比賽第一組在學前班教室,第二到五組在大禮堂。朗讀比賽則在圖書館舉辦。看圖說故事比賽全部在大禮堂進行。3/13校內演講朗讀比賽時,每位學生只能擇一參加演講或朗讀,看圖說故事比賽則無衝突

All School Members,

The Chinese school internal speech and recitation contests will be held on 3/13 and story-telling contests on 3/20. The registration ends on 3/6.  Please register with your teacher if interested. The rules and judge standards are generally the same as in previous years. The rules this year are as follows. Your cooperation will be appreciated. Group one of the speech contest will be held in the Pre A/B classroom and group two to five in the multi-purpose room. The recitation contest would be held in the Media Center. On 3/13, Speech and Recitation will take place at the same time so each student can choose only one of them. Story-telling has no time conflict so students can participate Story-telling even if they have registered for Speech or Recitation.

AACCOM Weekly News 1/7/2020

AACCOM Weekly News 1/7/2020 安娜堡中文學校每週新聞

1. 2020 Lunar New Year Celebration (二零二零安娜堡中文學校農曆新年迎春晚會)
祝福各位家長2020新年快樂。 中文學校2020農曆新年晚會將於一月25日(Sat.)在 Washtenaw Community College 舉行, 我們將從本週五(2020/01/10)開始出售晚會的ticket (還有11/17, 11/24).
We wish all parents a happy 2020 New Year.  The Lunar New Year Party will take place at January 25th (Sat.) at Washtenaw Community College.  The ticket sale will start this Friday (Jan. 10th).
日期 Date:2020年一月二十五日星期六 / January 25, 2020 Saturday
地點 Location:Morris Lawrence Building: Towsley Auditorium, Washtenaw Community College
4800 E. Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor
預售 pre-sale Dinner ticket: $10,  age 3 and under  free
現場 at-door Dinner ticket: $13,  age 3 and under  free
摸彩券 Raffle Ticket: $2 一張, $10 六張($10 for 6 Raffle tickets)
遊戲券 Game Ticket: $1 四張 ( $1 for 4 tickets)
活動流程  Program:
§ 3:30 pm – 5:00pm 預演/遊戲   Rehearsal/Games
§ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm 團圓晚餐 Dinner
§ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm 學生與社團成果表演   Student Performances
**欲購票者請聯絡董事們 (See List below)或星期五晚至大禮堂購買。
For Tickets, Please contact school board members or purchase King’s multipurpose room on Friday night.
董事  Jia-Huey Jow  卓佳慧
董事   Yi-Ching Daphne Lin   林奕菁
董事  Kuo, Jason   郭權賢
董事  Hsiao, Chu-Chun  曾福林


2. 新董事人選 New School Board Member Candidate Needed
我們急需下一任的董事人選 ,請有興趣的家長和董事會聯絡。如果人選不足,董事會將於新年晚會從家長名單中隨機抽出兩位下任董事的人選 (僅限沒有擔任老師, 行政團隊, 和家長代表的家長們)。
Candidates Urgently Wanted for two new AACCOM Board Members for 2020-2022 school year.  If there are no candidate, we will randomly select TWO Member from all parents who is not currently serving as Teacher, Staff team, or Class Parent’s representatives.
新任董事(兩位)選舉 Election of New Board Members
日期 Date: 二零二零年一月二十五日 (新年晚會) January 25, 2020 (Chinese New Year Party)
任期 Tenure: 2020-2022 school year
If you are interested in joining board of directors please e-mail us at
3. 徵求摸彩禮物 Raffle Gifts Needed for Chinese New Year Party
Please donate gifts for party raffle.  Please drop your donation at the front desk at king’s multipurpose room on Friday evening and provide your name to AACCOM staff.  If your gift is already wrapped, please provide us the information of the gift and your name as well.  AACCOM appreciates your generosity.

AACCOM Weekly News 12/10/2019

AACCOM Weekly News 12/10/2019 安娜堡中文學校每週新聞

All School Members,

The annual Republic of China flag raising ceremony will be held at the Sheraton Hotel on January 1st, 2020. Free lunch will be served after the ceremony. The event information is listed below and attached.
Date: 2020/1/1

Time: 11:00 am

Venue: Sheraton Hotel (21111 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI-48375)

Sign up: Please email to by 12/20/2017 (Fri)



日期: 2020/1/1

時間: 11:00 am

地點: Sheraton Hotel (21111 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI-48375)

報名方式: 請於12/20/2017 (五)前電郵至 報名

 We are going to  recruit two students representing AACCOM in joining the National Anthem Choir for 1/1/2020 flag raising ceremony. If anyone might know any interested students, please email to ASAP! 

我們在此徵求兩名學生參與中華民國2020年1月1日升旗典禮美國國歌領唱團, 有興趣者請儘速電郵至  報名!  

AACCOM Weekly News 12/5/2019

AACCOM Weekly News 12/5/2019 安娜堡中文學校每週新聞

1. Book Donation and Gifting
Our former teacher Meilan Huang will donate her Chinese book collection of many years to Ann Arbor Chinese School, please come to the multi-purpose room at 7:30pm this coming Friday (12/6/19), come to see if any books your child(ren) will be interested, books are gifts to the children who enjoy reading.  Teacher Huang’s generosity is greatly appreciated!!
前任中文學校老師黃美蘭將捐贈上百本的中文藏書給 安娜堡中文學校家長,這個星期五 7:30pm (12/6/19) 請到 multi-purpose room 。以下是黃老師的親筆信 –

2. Special Presentation
“Asian American history and heroes for the next generation”

Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan (安娜堡中文學校), Friday December 6, 2019, 7:00-9:00 pm, King Elementary School Media Center, 3800 Waldenwood, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Writer and activist scholar Frances Kai-Hwa Wang (王凱華) will speak to Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan (安娜堡中文學校) students and families about the many contributions that Asian Americans have made to US history. When did the first Filipino Americans arrive? Who built the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869? What was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882? Why were Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War 2? Why did so many Taiwanese Americans immigrate to US after 1965? What is the model minority myth? How did the Asian American community come together to fight for justice for Vincent Chin? What is the importance of Asian American activism in today’s political climate? And more! A writing activity will encourage students and families to write and draw their own stories of immigration for a larger storytelling project.

7:10-7:40: Storytelling about Chinese and Taiwanese American history for elementary-aged children

7:50-8:50: Asian American history and heroes for middle and high school students and older

Lecture is free and open to the public and made possible in part by a grant from Michigan Humanities, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

More information at

在美國國家人文基金會附屬機構密歇根人文基金會的贊助下,三個密西根地方機構將承辦由作家、活動家和學者王凱華女士主講的「傳講給後輩的亞裔美國人歷史和英雄傳奇」主題的三場公開講座,以此慶祝和紀念亞裔美國人對美國的諸多貢獻。 演講內容包括1587年到達美國的首批菲律賓裔美國人、1869年修建了橫貫美國大陸的鐵路的華裔美國人、1882年的排華法案、 第二次世界大戰期間對日裔美國人的監禁及之後的補償、模範少數族裔神話、為Vincent Chin案的正義之戰以及亞裔美國人的積極參與在當今政治環境中的重要性等等。 屆時將安排寫作活動,鼓勵學生和家長們寫出自己的移民故事為將來的一個更大型的故事會活動做準備。

王凱華(Frances Kai-Hwa Wang)是一位記者、散文家、演講者和教育家。 她的主要研究領域有多元化問題、種族、文化和藝術。 她的著作曾出現在各類新聞媒體諸如NBC新聞 Asian America (《亞裔美洲》)  PRI Global Nation (PRI全球國家》  )  New America Media ( 新美國媒體》)  Pacific  Citizen (《太平洋公民》)  Angry Asian Man《憤怒的亞洲人》 以及數本選集,期刊和藝術展覽中。 她在密歇根大學教授關亞洲/太平洋島民的美國歷史、民權法和媒體課程,並在University of Hawaii Hilo(夏威夷希洛大學)和Washtenaw Community College  (沃什特諾社區大學)教授創意寫作。 她是底特律騎士藝術挑戰賽的獲獎者,也是達蒙基斯(Damon J. Keith)底特律公民權益中心行動實驗室種族和司法報告倡議研究員。 她為史密森尼亞太美國中心印第安美國遺產專案的線上和移動的藝術展覽,共同撰寫和製作了多媒體作品。 她的網站是

安娜堡中文學校, 12/6/2019, 7:00-9:00 pm
  • 7:10-7:40: Storytelling about Chinese and Taiwanese American history for elementary-aged children
  • 7:50-8:50: Asian American history and heroes for middle and high school students and older