AACCOM 註冊程序更動公告 / Minor Change of AACCOM Enrollment Process

Dear AACCOM parents,
中文學校的預註冊和註冊程序將略有更動。網路註冊的部份不變,印出註冊單後,請先向家長會代表李興蓉 (Julia Lee) 報到,根據註冊單上家長志工活動的選項,進一步圈選活動的工作項目,圈選完畢後跟財務付款,以完成下學年的註冊手續。
Starting this Friday (5/17), there will be a slight change of the enrollment process pertaining to next school year.  Online registration process remains the same.   Once you have the registration form printed out, the next step is to check in with AACCOM Parent Representative Committee Chair Julia Lee to choose the volunteering event tasks that are based on the selected events on your registration form.  After volunteering event task selection,  please move on to AACCOM Treasurer to submit the tuition payment to complete the enrollment for next year.